Others are known to set unrealistic timescales which can become costly and a massive inconvenience for the client if not met. It’s better to know the truth even though its not what you want to hear.


Large deposits, staggered payment systems and no structure along the term of the project shows the payments have not been thought through fairly or in accordance to the project and the term


A lot of other companies sometimes sub contract out all the jobs they win, it’s not entirely bad as long as it’s managed but would you want to take the gamble or go with a company with a team who work together and know each others key strengths and benefits to create a reputable finish everytime


Very common in this industy, a blame game. Where tradesmen blame other trades for the mistakes or flaws in their work, but the end result is you don’t get what you anticipated and paid to have done. Within our group we cater for scaffolding, the build, all electrical and plumbing as well as supplying all the interiors along with installing it. Think of us as a one stop shop


A job not managed is just a gamble, if it goes smooth then happy days, but what if it doesn’t go to plan, what if the builder is gambling with your money on the hope of things turning out okay in the end? We manage all staff, orders and payments throughout the project as well as site cleanliness and health & safety.


Are you getting what you pay for? Has the sales person at the store really found out your needs and wants for your dream kitchen, bathroom, living space etc. There is a link that can be broken when other builders rely on the client to go off and have a third party design and send the new kitchen, bathroom, flooring finish etc, but what if you go ahead with a company which does it all. The supply of the products along with the regular contact and communication to the build/install team so we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. Less room for ‘Ooops’ when the communication and understanding is strong


It’s not uncommon for things to go wrong with a project big or small. A lot of companies may give you their word that they will return if somethings happened in accordance to the works done but it can be quite difficult to chase down a man in a van if he’s avoiding you or not getting back to you. Our administrators are here to help with any queries like this that may arise and put forward to the relevant department or team to be in touch. Even once your warranty period expires we are still around to offer advice and solutions